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Our Story

Having dealt with different government, municipalities and corporate, AD Medical serves as a gateway to connect local suppliers to the world,
putting quality, legality, and speed at the forefront. We connect buyers with sellers globally, with the focus on certified PPE, COVID antigen self tests and CO2-meters.

Founder Dieter Vanonckelen was born and raised in Leuven.
After his Chinese studies at KU Leuven, he left Belgium and has lived in China ever since. He has been active as an entrepreneur in Chengdu for over 10 years.

AD Medical was born in response to the urgent need for personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start of 2020, Dieter set up a company in Belgium together with his father Eddy, who has been working in the medical sector his whole life.

Competitive prices can be offered since intermediaries are avoided:
AD Medical is responsible for the entire process from factory to client.

The Founders

               Dieter Vanonckelen                      Eddy Vanonckelen