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COVID-19: China Ramps up Quality Control for PPE Products

Since April 2020, China has taken various measurements to control the export of PPE supplies and bring a haul to faulty goods leaving the country. The new rules mark the latest bid to balance the global demand for PPE to help treat the rising number of cases of the new coronavirus, while ensuring that manufacturers and sellers do not flood the market with uncertified or shoddy products.

Image: Chinese customs check goods in Shenzhen.

The regulations follow highly publicised complaints from some governments and hospitals that they received PPE from China that they considered faulty. In a move to strengthen quality control, the country now requires exporters of medical products including coronavirus testing kits, medical face masks, protective suits, ventilators and infrared thermometers to provide extra documentation when they go through customs clearance. 

Image: China customs checking PPE material for export.

In a move to strengthen quality control, the country now requires exporters of medical China’s customs now require companies manufacturing PPE for export to submit extra documentation and go through a government-led inspection process, to ensure their products are registered to be sold in China, and also meet the relevant regulatory standards in the destination country. Industry experts say the new inspections could lengthen the approval process for shipments of the equipment by days or weeks. In our experience this process takes three days, if all correct documents (bank slip, PO, etc) provided by the client.

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