CO2 Meter (1200P)

Why the 1200P CO2 meter?

With this device you not only measure the current air quality in a home or business space, but a log is also kept. Simple and effective displayed as a graph on the screen. This makes it easy to monitor whether the room is structurally ventilated enough. The amount of CO2 must not exceed 1200 ppm. At higher values, the air is unhealthy. Up to 700 ppm air quality is good, between 700 and 1000 ppm it could be better. If the CO2 content is always or often too high, then the ventilation is insufficient. Airing is only a temporary solution. Opt for window ventilation, or consider installing mechanical ventilation or a fan. Of course you don’t sit all day looking at the beautiful screen of the CO2 meter. Therefore, a visible and audible alarm can be set if the CO2 value becomes too high.

The 1200P’s data logging function is limited to 1 week. If you are looking for a model with long-term data logging, we recommend the 1300P .

Certificates: CE, RoSH

Hoe werkt de CO2 meter?

De CO2 (koolstofdioxide) meter meet continue de luchtkwaliteit door het aantal koolstofdioxide-deeltjes in de lucht te meten. Deze resultaten worden op de het heldere display op eenvoudige wijze getoond. Ideaal voor op kantoor, vergaderruimte, slaapkamer of woonkamer. The status can then be read on the display:

  1. Indication of the carbon dioxide level in the air. Measured in PPM, parts per million by the built-in non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor.
  2. Graph with measured CO2 values
  3. LED air quality indication
    • Green = air quality is good
    • Orange = air quality could be better, ventilate
    • Red = air quality is poor, ventilate
  4. Touch keys
  5. Temperature
  6. Humidity (percentage)

Where is the best place for the CO2 meter?

The solid housing ensures that the meter can be placed stably on your desk, cupboard or table. Wall mounting is also possible. For an optimal assessment of the air quality, the meter is placed in a room up to a maximum of 60 m², preferably at a distance of 1 meter from the outer wall and/or windows. Position the CO2 meter so that there is sufficient distance from the people in the room: this prevents the exhalation of CO2 from influencing the results too much。


Green / Good: 0-800ppm

Yellow / Normal: 800-1200ppm

Red / Bad:> 1200ppm


Gewicht 170 g
Afmetingen 120 × 35 × 90 mm
CO2 Meetmarge +/- 50 ppm (5%)
CO2 Meetbereik 0 – 5.000 ppm
Temperatuurbereik -10 °C tot +60 °C
Vochtsensorbereik 0 – 95% (5% marge)
Voeding DC 5V ~ 1A
Garantie 24 maanden
Draadloos Nee
USB Aansluiting USB 2.0 Mini-B


Minimum order: 1 piece


Depending on volume, contact us if interested: