CO2 Monitor and Data Logger (SA1300P)

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SA1300P CO2 Indoor Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor

The SA1300P CO2 Indoor Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor provides continuous monitoring and recording of internal CO2, temperature and humidity levels. It can be used to identify poorly ventilated spaces to reduce COVID transmission risk. With both real-time readings and an integrated data logger with Excel export capability, the SA1300P enables users to evaluate parameters quickly and easily on-site, in addition to exporting data for further analysis and storage. This unit is capable of detecting CO2 concentrations up to 5000ppm, reading and recording levels across several timeframes including: minutes, hours, days or weeks.

The SA1300P is CE marked and with its NDIR (non-disperse infrared) sensor it complies fully with the guidelines as set out by many governements for identifying areas of poor ventilation for the reduction of COVID-19 transmission risk within enclosed spaces.

Certificates: CE, RoSH, REACH

Color Codes

A large LCD display and touch buttons make the SA1300P a great option for a desktop or wall-mounted unit within a variety of indoor environments. The unit can operate in a number of modes depending on user requirement, including a real-time alarm system and active feedback using a three-level quality rating: Good, Normal or Poor carbon dioxide concentrations.

Color codes:

Green: 0-800ppm (good air quality)

Yellow: 800-1200ppm (average air quality, recommended to ventilate)

Red: > 1200ppm (poor air quality, ventilate)

Datalogger and adjustable alarm

Integrated data logger and Microsoft Excel export functionality; record data by the minute hour, day or week.
Adjustable alarm system provides visual and audible alerts for significant changes in CO2 concentration.

Key Features

  • Data logger with Microsoft Excel export functionality
  • CE marked with NDIR (non-disperse infrared) sensor
  • Weight (monitor): 170 g
  • Size (monitor): 120 × 35 × 90 mm
  • Three level indoor air quality system built-in
  • Tracks CO2, humidity & temperature simultaneously
  • CO2 range up to 5000ppm
  • CO2 reading accuracy of ±50ppm/±5% (0-3000ppm) or ±7% (3000ppm+)
  • Temperature reading: -10 °C tot +60 °C
  • Humididty reading: 0 – 95% (5% marge)
  • Easy to read trend chart
  • Live Min/Max values
  • Plant/Human mode
  • Customisable visual & audible alarm mode
  • Wall or desk mountable
  • Large bright LCD screen
  • Quality touch buttons
  • USB cable powered (USB 2.0 Mini-B)
  • Incl. battery

What’s In The Box?

  • SA1300P Indoor Air Quality Carbon Dioxide Monitor
  • User Manual
  • USB cable used to power unit (Optional USB Charger Plug can be added above)

Minimal order:

1 piece


Depending on volume, contact us if interested: