3M FFP1 Masks

Non-medical, valved 3M FFP1 mask. 3 layers of filters and filters the largest dust particles with a filtration of 80%. 


Non-medical 3M 9004V FFP1 Masks with valve.
Available in Belgium.

3M 9004V particulate respirator mask composed of three layers of filters. The outermost layer filters out the largest dust particles, the innermost layer preserves the respirator’s shape and the middle layer is composed of electrostatic Filter Media.

Features of 3M 9004V Particle Respirator Mask

-Filtering efficiency ranging 80 percent when tested against 0.3Micron sodium chloride particle
-AS/NZ approval, P1 class of filtering efficiency, CLI tested

Minimum Order

100 pieces


10 or 25pieces/bag


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